Bituminous binders used for flexible pavement materials are primarily obtained from refinement of petroleum. Since petroleum is non-renewable resource, there is an urgent need to produce alternative binders from bio-renewable resources. Standard alternative binders include pyrolyzed materials, jatropha curcas oil, waste cooking oil, pine resin, etc. This article presents an overview on the application of various types of alternative binders as a modifier for virgin asphalt, rejuvenator for aging asphalt, and recycling agent for reclaimed asphalt pavement. This review discusses the effect of using alternative binders on the physical and rheological properties of asphalt 60/70 and shows that alternative binders' in appropriate dosage can enhance the physical properties of virgin asphalt and restore the properties of the aged binders. It is also concluded that rutting resistance and fatigue performance are affected by an alternative binder. The possibility of using alternative bituminous binder from economics point of view is also discussed for consideration of its applications in the paving industry.


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