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Dwelling, which is a basic human need (Maslow, 1970) should act as an object of technology that serves as a place for individuals or families to conduct all their daily activities in order to meet their needs in life. In case of sustainability, thermal comfort is one of the most important comfort conditions that must be achieved (Szokolay SV, 1980). Proper air movement control may lessen the demand for energy, thus reducing the expense of providing a comfortable home (Boutet, 1987). However, to ensure the acceleration of air movement, the availability of both inlet and outlet openings in the building or space become an absolute requirement (Olgyay Victor, 1973). Rusunawa is a typical rental-apartment in Indonesia that served for low income families. The types of existing space generally include: a multi-functional space, a kitchen, and a bathroom/WC, and sometimes is furnished by a balcony. There is only one living space in rusunawa that is the multi-functional space which is often used for: living, sleeping, studying, watching TV, eating, storing, child-caring, and probably more other functions. Not to mention if the family has a home-based business. Among rusunawa unit types that existed in all fourteen locations in Surabaya, some of them were built without a really outdoor balcony, meaning that the balconies were provided indoor, instead of in the cantilever system. These indoor balconies accommodate the same household activities as those of outdoor balconies. However, the contribution to the internal thermal comfort may not be the same. By using Ecotect analysis 2011 program, This research intends to investigate the comparison of thermal conditions of the inner space between rusunawa unit having a balcony (outdoor), and rusunawa unit without a balcony (indoor). The result of this comparison is meant to convince the contribution of unit having a balcony to the thermal comfort of inner space, to ensure whether the design of the future rusunawa units should be equipped with a balcony or not. To further reassure its contribution, this experiment is continued by comparing between unit having just a balcony and unit having a balcony that equipped with sun-devices.

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JournalOpen House International
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