Electric trains are mass transportation that is developing very rapidly along with technological developments and in line with the need for mobility from modern society. Currently, electric energy-based vehicles are a solution to reduce emissions to the environment. Electric trains generally use a source of electrical energy coming from the electrical grid which is then channeled along the railroad tracks through a system called a catenary. Limited infrastructure and the electric rail network is a problem in the electric train system in Indonesia. Therefore, it is necessary to have a hybrid traction system coupled with energy storage to accommodate the needs of electric trains on non-electrified railways. The hybrid traction system has the concept of combining more than one source of electrical energy as a source of traction energy from the driving motor on the electric train to be operated. The research will be carried out on the design and simulation of electric trains with a traction system hybrid generator in diesel, fuel cells, and batteries as a source of electrical energy. With the use of several energy sources, there will be differences in the characteristics of each type of electrical energy generation component in the system, this system requires an energy management system (EMS). Based on the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that EMS can regulate power division by making duty cycle changes to the EMS control. By using EMS it can be possible to regulate the output power based on the need for the load borne. EMS control can also regulate the process of charging and delivering power on the battery by controlling the bidirectional converter on the battery source..

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)80-86
Number of pages7
JournalPrzeglad Elektrotechniczny
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • EMS
  • Electric train
  • Hybrid traction


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