Fuzzy entropy type II method for optimizing clean and renewable solar energy

M. Ramli*, M. Mardlijah, M. Ikhwan, K. Umam

*Corresponding author for this work

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electricity. It is a step to reduce emissions from fossil energy, which is to replace it withrenewable energy. It requires a control system to ensure that the position of the solar panel isalways perpendicular to the sun’s rays. This study aims to modify the fuzzy set based on fuzzyentropy in the control system that has been developed. The modifications made are expectedto increase the efficiency of solar panels in harvesting energy.METHODS: Type II fuzzy sliding mode control is used, along with a modified fuzzy set basedon the entropy value. Before modification, the system containing the fuzzy set generates ahistogram of entropy and voltage performance, which is the initial value and the comparisonvalue. The algorithm alters the footprint of the uncertainty limit. This change results in a newfuzzy set, which results in a new histogram and voltage. The final step is to compare the initialand final parameters based on the results of the modifications.FINDINGS: The solar panels require only 7.3x10-5 degrees of movement per second. This isa very slow movement for a dc motor with a maximum voltage of 12 volts. The simulationproduced a stable speed of 7.297x10-5 on the unmodified system and 7.295x10-5 on themodified system. The modified system experiences a slight delay towards the stable pointbecause the fuzzy entropy method reduces the dominance of set point positions in thesystem.CONCLUSION: The modified fuzzy set is good at controlling the solar panel driving motorbased on the output voltage value. On both controllers under consideration, the voltagesfollow the same pattern. However, it experienced a control mismatch at the point towards theset point. Finally, by changing the foot of uncertainty and adjusting it proportionally accordingto control needs, the control system based on fuzzy sets with fuzzy entropy can be furtherdeveloped.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)389-402
Number of pages14
JournalGlobal Journal of Environmental Science and Management
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • Altitude tracker
  • Dc motor
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • Sliding mode control
  • Solar energy


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