During lean manufacturing implementation, some supported tools are required. Value Stream Mapping, Process Activity Mapping, Root Cause Diagram, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Pareto chart are some examples of the tools that has been widely utilized. However, a tool that is able to support lean manufacturing implementation starting from waste identification until suggest improvement for eliminating waste, is very few. This research proposes a tool that could assist company comprehensively when applying lean manufacturing. The tools, which is called Lean Assessment Matrix, consists of two matrix but it could cover the complete stages of lean implementation starting from waste and their causes identification, the critical waste prioritizing as well as provides waste reduction plan alternatives and their ranks. Lean Assessment Matrix is developed by modifying House of Risk Matrix and integrates with combining Waste Relationship Matrix. Lean Assessment Matrix is being develop with the same approach as of HOR. This tool consist of two matrix which are lean matrix 1 and lean matrix 2. Lean matrix 1 are used to identify waste and its root causes, and determining the rank of waste by considering waste relationships. Lean matrix 2 is aimed to provide alternative actions to reduce or eliminate root causes of selected waste from matrix 1 as well as their priority level.


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