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In this study, reliability analysis will be performed on jacket platform to know the probability jacket platform will collapse if an earthquake occurs. Using spectral acceleration at jacket platform’s site, earthquake records with similar spectral acceleration can be found. The Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) from each of the records then used to perform several seismic analysis to obtain base shear values of jacket platform. By performing goodness of fit test with known probability distribution, it can be determined which probability distribution fit the base shear data. With certain base shear value as a limit, the probability of failure, the case when jacket platform will collapse if an earthquake occurs, can be calculated. Base shear limit of jacket platform calculated by performing pushover analysis on nonlinear finite element model of jacket platform. Platform which located at Java Sea will be the subject of this research. Pushover analysis done on Platform shows that base shear values of Platform are 4566.22 kips in X direction and 5195.72 kips in Y direction. The data of base shear values fit with Weibull probability distribution. Using the smaller value between the two base shear result from the pushover analysis as base shear limit, the probability of failure then calculated using Weibull distribution’s cumulative density function formula. The result shows that Platform has 5.75% chance to collapse if an earthquake occurs.

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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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  • Base shear
  • Collapse
  • Earthquake
  • Jacket platform
  • Reliability


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