Research on runway pavement is very local, meaning that it is strongly influenced by the quality of the material, the quality of implementation in the field and the climate in which the runway is built. In Indonesia, there are not many runway pavement studies. On the other hand, most airports in Indonesia only have one runway. If there is any damage, the airport should be closed. Based on these conditions, it is necessary to research the behaviour of runway pavement. On the other hand, research on runway pavement has been widely carried out in several developed countries. This study examines various existing studies to be used as a methodology in similar research in Indonesia. A review of the runway behaviour research is carried out by identifying the methodology related to using sensors to describe the pavement reaction in accepting the load. These methods were evaluated to assess their possible application in Indonesia. With the obtained results related to the pavement behaviour monitoring method, it is hoped to provide an initial step to identify runway pavement behaviour in Indonesia.


  • Climate
  • Pavement Behaviour
  • Runway Pavement
  • Sensor


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