Kalibokor Canal is one of the primary canals within Surabaya City Drainage System. The canal starts at Ngagel Street next to Kali Mas which is equipped with water gates. From the gates the water moves Eastwards though densely populated area until it ends at Madura Strait. Location of this study was from Keputih Pumping House down-stream to Madura Strait where illegal settlements exist along both sides of banks of the canal. There was little number of persons in the community with profession as fishermen. This little group of people utilized the down-stream canal as access to go to Madura Strait to get fish and to come back to the settlement to sell the fish. This was to say there was a kind of interaction between local communities and the canal. In-depth interview was conducted at both sides of the canal to get to know the sustainability of the canal due to settlement activities. Based on the interview, fishermen were the only group of people which intensively interacted with the canals. Sustainability of the canal due to livelihood along both banks was unclear as all the communities down-steam of Keputih Pumping House were illegal settlement.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S115-S118
JournalEcology, Environment and Conservation
Issue numberSeptember Suppl. Issue
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Illegal settlement
  • Kalibokor canal
  • Kelurahan Kejawan Putih Tambak
  • Kelurahan Keputih


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