Technical aspects of EXAFS data analysis using Artemis software

H. Husain, M. Sulthonul, B. Hariyanto, C. Cholsuk, S. Pratapa*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The technical aspect of EXAFS (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) fitting data analysis has been studied. This paper presents a comparison of the technical EXAFS data analysis using Artemis software. A set of EXAFS data from magnetite/silica core-shells was used for the benchmarking. Three approaches of analysis will be discussed in this paper namely approach A, B, and C. The analysis will only be focused on the fitting process of experimental and model data. The technical analysis of approach A was that the selection of the photoelectron scattering path was chosen only the single scattering and all of the fitting parameters were used "guess" action. Meanwhile, approach B was similar to approach A, but k and r parameters from the Fourier transform were manually adjusted to obtain a better fitting result. The disadvantages of these two approaches are: (1) the experimental data might be formed by single and multiple scattering, (2) the action to fitting the parameters might not only "guess" because the software does not have the physical sense to the resulting values, and (3) the Fourier transform parameters should be correctly chosen before the fitting process. In the last approach, C, we demonstrated how the analysis should be performed to acquire reasonable results. The scattering path should be chosen by matching the peak position of the experimental data. Moreover, the scattering paths might be single or multiple. Lastly, the action fitting parameters not only "guess" but can also be "edit", "deff" etc. depending on the values and fitting results.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3296-3300
Number of pages5
JournalMaterials Today: Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event7th International Conference of Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICAMST 2019 - Bandung, Indonesia
Duration: 25 Sept 201926 Sept 2019


  • Artemis software
  • EXAFS data
  • EXAFS data analyses
  • Fitting parameters
  • Scattering path


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