The effect of alkaline concentration in the alkaline delignification-assisted sonication on sengon wood

Prida N. Trisanti*, Mohammad Rifan, Pandu Akbar Arafat, Ignatius Gunardi, Sumarno Sumarno

*Corresponding author for this work

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Sengon wood is classified as soft wood because of its characteristics and is widely used in Indonesia. Utilization of Sengon wood produces wood dust that can still be used because of its high cellulose content. Sengon wood contains 41.17% cellulose, 22.26% hemicellulose and 17.51% lignin. In this study, cellulose extraction was carried out using alkaline delignification-assisted ultrasound methods. The effect of alkaline concentration was studied to obtain cellulose with good characteristics. The delignification process was carried out by mixing sawdust with NaOH solution (1:30 w/v). The process was carried out at 40 °C for 30 minutes with various concentrations of NaOH (0.2 M - 0.7 M). Process results were analyzed using Chesson analysis, X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Based on the data, the highest decreasing of hemicellulose and lignin composition was achieved at the lowest concentration of NaOH (0,2 M). Morphologically, it appears that alkaline-delignification-assisted ultrasound is able to expand contact area of NaOH solution and tear the surface structure.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication4th International Seminar on Chemistry
EditorsYuly Kusumawati, Adi Setyo Purnomo
PublisherAmerican Institute of Physics Inc.
ISBN (Electronic)9780735441002
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2021
Event4th International Seminar on Chemistry, ISoC 2021 - Surabaya, Indonesia
Duration: 7 Oct 20208 Oct 2020

Publication series

NameAIP Conference Proceedings
ISSN (Print)0094-243X
ISSN (Electronic)1551-7616


Conference4th International Seminar on Chemistry, ISoC 2021


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